The Star, MiniStar, and Moon Pillars

Garden sculpture by day; dramatic lighting by night. Nothing sets the mood like flaming torch pillars standing tall against a starry sky. Created by award-winning Danish architectural designer, Bent Falk, they turn a simple backyard gathering into an event, add flair to a restaurant entry, and bring romance to intimate dinners al fresco.

The Star, MiniStar, and Moon Pillars are all made in the USA of heavy gauge cor-ten steel topped with stainless steel fuel wells that conceal the gel can. Over time the natural oxidation transforms the base into a unique rich patina that protects the steel core.
Nearly five feet tall, the Star Pillar transforms decks, backyards and summer cottage beachfronts into welcoming outdoor living spaces. Use one to anchor a garden, another to illuminate the gazebo. The 3D star cutout casts intriguing shadow patterns throughout the day, and when the stars really do come out, your evening’s just begun. Stands 58” high and weighs 120 pounds.

The MiniStar is a smaller version of the Star Gelfire Pillar with the same dimensions as the Moon Pillar.

Standing 3½ feet high, the Moon Pillar has a full moon cutout that projects all the lunar phases in sunlight. Picture it in pairs flanking a walkway or strategically placed in multiples around the pool or patio. Stands 42” high and weighs 50 pounds.

The Gelfire Pillars burn about 3 hours per filling. The fuel is odorless, clean-burning and produces lively, lofty flames. The Pillars come with an initial supply of gel fuel. Refills are available in 13 oz. pint cans and 30 oz. or gallon bottles. Match up both styles of the pillars – the sky’s the limit!

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