Spark Fire Direct Vent – 3-foot ribbon gas fireplace

The Spark Fire – 3-foot ribbon fireplace is a modern fire with clean, uncluttered lines framing a pure ribbon of fire. A fixed ceramic glass window complements its sleek dimensions. The glass viewing area is 36″ wide x 16″ high, and the overall dimensions are 46″ wide x 36″ high x 22.5″ deep. Vents through the roof or exterior wall, and is up to 80% efficient. The heating capacity enhanced with the integrated fan. Ideal for contemporary living spaces. Natural gas.  Manual   Specs

sale price: $3,750
regular price: $4,750

Sacramento – biofire fireplace

The Sacramento is available in teak stained solid wood with a marble diamond-shaped accent. It comes with a lighting tool and three ceramic simulated-wood logs. The flames are adjustable and housed in a polished high-grade stainless-steel firebox that directs the heat into the room. Biofire Fireplaces are 100% efficient because the heat doesn’t escape through a chimney. They produce up to 20,000 BTUs.Great for apartments or condos, the Sacramento weighs about 160 lbs and can be easily moved. The Sacramento is 42” high x 41” wide x 17” deep. Catalog  Video

sale price: $201
regular price: $1,340

Ceramic Gelfire Bowls

A veritable feast of fire and light, the Gelfire Bowl adds drama to a dining table, welcoming warmth to an entrance way, and excitement as you enjoy evening cocktails al fresco. Gelfire Bowls are made of high-fired textured ceramic and will burn for 3 – 4 hours on one 13-oz. filling. They come in black or turquoise. Each Gelfire Bowl measures 6-1/2”h x 10” in diameter and weighs 12 lbs. Included with each bowl is a “snuffer” to easily put out the fire.

sale price: $198
regular price: $220

Avant poker – fireplace tool

The Avant stove/fireplace poker is a great tool and easy to use to support making your fire better. It is made in gray steel with a stainless-steel handle and measures 21” long and 2 1/2” in depth. Weighs less than a pound!

sale price: $32
regular price: $48

QuickFire – fire starters

The QuickFire Fire Starter packets facilitate both safe and efficient lighting – for wood burners and barbecue grills. Releasing neither environmentally harmful substances nor smoke, these odorless QuickFire packets can be used both outdoors or indoors. Add 2 or 3 QuickFire fire starters to logs or charcoal and then light the packets. They are sealed, so no paraffin gets on hands or clothes. A box contains 100 QuickFire packets.

sale price: Box – $12
reg. price: Box – $14
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