Pilar – wood burning stove

The Pilar is a time-tested woodstove with an eye on today’s home fashion tastes. Tall, slim, and a round shape with a rotating base, which can be turned through 70˚, 160˚ and 360˚. Surprisingly compact with an 18″ (46cm) diameter and just over 67inches (172cm) tall – and it provides welcoming warmth in the home. Heats up to 23kBTU (7kW) or an area of 1,100 sq. ft (100sq. m). A drawer for the wood storage area is also a nice touch. The rounded glass doors provide a unique view of the fire. Perfect as a room divider. 76% efficient.  Manual

sale price: $5,830
regular price: $8,970

Spark Fire Direct Vent – 3-foot ribbon gas fireplace

The Spark Fire – 3-foot ribbon fireplace is a modern fire with clean, uncluttered lines framing a pure ribbon of fire. A fixed ceramic glass window complements its sleek dimensions. The glass viewing area is 36″ wide x 16″ high, and the overall dimensions are 46″ wide x 36″ high x 22.5″ deep. Vents through the roof or exterior wall, and is up to 80% efficient. The heating capacity enhanced with the integrated fan. Ideal for contemporary living spaces. Natural gas.  Manual   Specs

sale price: $3,750
regular price: $4,750

Sacramento – biofire fireplace

The Sacramento is available in teak stained solid wood with a marble diamond-shaped accent. It comes with a lighting tool and three ceramic simulated-wood logs. The flames are adjustable and housed in a polished high-grade stainless-steel firebox that directs the heat into the room. Biofire Fireplaces are 100% efficient because the heat doesn’t escape through a chimney. They produce up to 20,000 BTUs.Great for apartments or condos, the Sacramento weighs about 160 lbs and can be easily moved. The Sacramento is 42” high x 41” wide x 17” deep.

sale price: $490
regular price: $1,340

Barrel Grill – outdoor fireplace and grill

The Barrel Grill (winner of the American IDEA Gold award) was created by Eva Solo of Denmark. Their intention was to rediscover the pleasure and beauty of cooking delicious food in the open air over glowing coals. It is versatile and can be used as direct grilling over the coals, indirect (convection) grilling with a cover, or as an outdoor fireplace. An elegant solution for the garden, back yard patio, or apartment balcony. When not in use, the Barrel Grill with its flat protective lid, can also function as a patio table. The ingenious, yet simple design of the stainless steel Barrel Grill features a number of unique specifications and solutions to enhance function, including a flexible adjustment of cooking areas and a heavy duty grid be cleaned with a wire brush. Measures 26” h x 19” in diameter and weighs 35 lbs.

sale price: $750
regular price: $1,000

Avant poker – fireplace tool

The Avant stove/fireplace poker is a great tool and easy to use to support making your fire better. It is made in gray steel with a stainless-steel handle and measures 21” long and 2 1/2” in depth. Weighs less than a pound!

sale price: $32
regular price: $48

QuickFire – fire starters

The QuickFire Fire Starter packets facilitate both safe and efficient lighting – for wood burners and barbecue grills. Releasing neither environmentally harmful substances nor smoke, these odorless QuickFire packets can be used both outdoors or indoors. Add 2 or 3 QuickFire fire starters to logs or charcoal and then light the packets. They are sealed, so no paraffin gets on hands or clothes. A box contains 100 QuickFire packets.

sale price: Box – $12
reg. price: Box – $14
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