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Adriano Design studio was founded by the Davide and Gabriele Adriano brothers in 1997, and they have worked together with prominent companies such as Scavolini, Olivetti, FIAT, and Melitta. Active as professors at the Turin Politecnico, they have won the IF Product Design Award, Good Design Award,  ISH Design Plus Award, and la Menzione díOnore del XXIII Compasso díOro –  ADI Design Index Award.

“Design everything and always take up the challenge: every single thing can be forever re-designed in a different and better way.” As the designers of the unique Stack Stoves, this is how Davide and Gabriele describe their rules and ìre-shufflingî cards to reach toward a never ending evolution.

Stack Woodstove

Bent Falk

Designer Bent Falk was born in Denmark and currently lives and works on the coast in Kalundborg. He has an industrial design background and has developed a broad range of products. He created the first Rais stoves in the late 1960s. They are a classic style and the basis for all modern wood burning stoves in Europe. He has now recreated the new Wittus Klassic stove/fireplace. He also designed the Phoenix grill for Wittus as well as the outdoor gelfire Pillar products.

The award winning designer’s philosophy is: “Good design is when form and function go hand-in-hand and at the end of the day is a result of a close teamwork between the producer and designer.”

Klassic Stove/Fireplace  |  Phoenix & Firebird Grills  |  Gelfire Pillars


Roberto Barazzuol and Christian Roberto Malisan, designers from different backgrounds, share the same passion for the history of design and visual arts. They joined creative forces in 2010 to form Studio Barazzuol/Malisan. Their workshop is a combination of research, art direction, exhibition and product design. Working closely with Ferrari, known for their sleek product design and race cars, they have together crafted a collection of fashionable and exciting fireplace accessories.

According to the philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus, fire is the beginning and end of all things. It is a physical and spiritual phenomenon, a focal point, a vital element to handle with passion and detailed style – Ferrari.

Ferrari Tools  |   Wood Holders

Vlastislav Vyborny

Sleek, sexy curves, forward-thinking engineering, and flawless performance. Vlastislav Vyborny, an exciting and award-winning Czech designer from Romotop approaches fireplace design the same way European auto makers approach development of high-performance sports cars.

Using ergonomic intelligence and pace-setting style savvy, Vlastislav fast-forwards traditional ceramic hearths of yesteryear into the aesthetically demanding, push-button world of the 21st century.

Stromboli Wood Fireplace  |  Lugo Wood Cookstove


de Manincor Family

Five generations of the de Manincor family have designed and produced wood burning cooking ranges in Italy.

As designers they are committed to the responsible use of our natural resources. All the de Manincor products including the Domino 8 & 6 Maxi, Domina, Atmosfera, and Eco wood burning cook stoves are manufactured using non-polluting materials and are 100% recyclable.

Since 1828 the de Manincor family has been continuously “working to create a high end, sustainable contemporary product”. The cook stoves mix old world style with state-of-the-art workmanship.

Domino  |  Atmosfera  |  Eco   Wood Burning Cookstoves 

Paul Henninge

Over the past twenty years, Paul Henninge has honed a unique combination of skills to enable the design of brilliant hearth products. Utilizing elements of product engineering, architecture, and furniture design, and with a clear understanding of micro/macro trends, the result is a product that customers desire to own.

Paul, who is from Vermont, worked with Wittus to develop the new Flatfire direct vent gas fireplace. His philosophies on design intermingle social and environmental impacts of the material world in our daily lives. “I love to manage design, but I do like doing the design work myself.” He also practices his skills by teaching younger designers about the profession.

Flatfire Gas Fireplace


Bart Leenders

Harrie Leenders was raised on a farm in Holland where wood fire played an important role in his childhood. As a boy he was responsible for keeping the fire burning bright. Through this experience, Harrie developed a passion and later a profession of developing and building stoves. In 1979 he and his wife Margriet started the stove factory “Harrie Leenders Haardkachels”.

The same passion for fire is instilled in his son Bart Leenders, who carries on the family tradition and heads the company today. According to Bart, “I prefer to make a fire outdoors. First a good walk in the woods, and then cooking on a wood fire. Or spending the evening together around the campfire. Magnificent!” In his perception of things, fire has such a central place, and so his fireplaces and accessories have a discreet and elegant design.

Wood Stocker  |  Takk Poker

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