domino cook rangedomino cook range
domina cook rangedomina cook range
domino cook rangedomino cook range
domino cook rangesdomino cook ranges


The stylish Domino is every homeowners dream and is available in two sizes, 8 Maxi & 6 Maxi. The Domino 8 Maxi measures 31” wide and is a standard size cook stove. The Domino 6 Maxi measures 24” wide and is a good size for kitchens that have smaller space requirements.

The whimsical Domina is a freestanding stove with distinct legs and designer appeal. It measures 24” wide, and can be used in a casual living room setting as a heat source with a cooking option or worked into a kitchen scenario as a cook stove.

NEW COLORS are available for 2020 – including rust, green and blue. And other colors are red, yellow, black, white, gray, ivory, or all stainless steel. To design and configure your own customized stove, you can link to the following site:

The efficiency of the Domino 6 and the Domina is 76% and therefore they meet the qualifications for the 30% Federal Tax Credit – capped at $2,000 annually.

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