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To select and import a broad range of quality premier European designed hearth products (fireplaces, stoves, and accessories) to meet the needs of the American market and offer them through the following 3 channels:

  • Dealers (currently over 100)
  • Directly through advertising and the Internet to:
    – Architects and designers
    – Builders and contractors
    – Consumers
  • Retail through a local showroom



In 1978, Niels Wittus, a native of Denmark, and his wife Alyce began their company in the Westchester County town of Pound Ridge, NY. Combining a love of his native homeland and the desire so many immigrants come to this country with (the pursuit of the American Dream) Niels created a company dedicated to importing fine European stoves.

Modeled on the traditional European design: a baking compartment above, a firebox in the center, and wood storage below, designer Bent Falk created the first stoves in the late 1960s. They quickly became well loved in Denmark for their beautiful design, superior craftsmanship, and high efficiency as heating units. Wittus has continued to grow and select a family of quality products with state of the art burning technology.

Hygge: The Danish Art of Comfortable Living & Happiness

Definition: A Danish word originating in the 1800’s. In Danish, hygge (pronounced “HUE-gah”) is the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Friends. Family. Graciousness

Hygge Equation: “Hygge” = “well-being”

Fact: Hygge is a common thread that people share in their daily lives

Important Hygge Elements: Comfort Nature Atmosphere Harmony Shelter Togetherness

Top Hygge Product: A fireplace
The benefits of sitting near a fireplace are endless. It’s the ultimate place where coziness, warmth and Hygge preside. Everybody loves a fire! The element of fire adds ambiance, intimacy and loads of warmth and comfort. Wood burning is an economical option. But most importantly wood burning achieves the highest standard of comfort “hygge” in the home. Denmark is the home to 750,000 fireplaces (Danish Ministry).


As the winner of international design awards, the unique design of these stoves caught the eye of prominent architects and designers early on. Cesar, Pelli and Associates; James Cutler; Bone-Levine; Don Brandenburger; Turnbull and Assoc.; Robert Stern and Turner Brooks are among some who have specified and used Wittus Stoves in their work, and still do.

The work of these architects and others can be seen regularly featured in many popular design, building, and architectural publications such as Metropolis, Dwell, Custom Home, and House and Garden.

Why Wittus – Artistry, Technology, Safety and Environment

Nothing can compare to a personís fierce love of home, and hearth. Niels Wittus has steadfastly nurtured his company, believing in the product, the quality, and the beauty these stoves and fireplaces bring. This dedication has been rewarded by an ever growing interest in Wittus – Fire by Design, by the loyalty of those who are already clients, and by the knowledge that he is bringing a beautiful, well built, efficient product to share with the U.S. market. The four essential ingredients are: artistry, technology, safety, and environment.

Artistry – With its unique and original design, Wittus has revolutionized FIRE BY DESIGN. Produced in Europe, the award-winning fireplace/stoves have combined the most modern manufacturing techniques with old fashioned blacksmith hand craftsmanship. Top quality, sturdy steel, special hand-crafted ceramic, and Finnish soapstone are used in construction. The finished products are thus of the highest quality and long lasting… backed up by a five year warranty!

Amidst this technological revolution in heating solutions, we’re also witnessing a significant shift in personal health and wellness. The way individuals prioritize and access their health needs is undergoing a transformation, much like the advancements Wittus has brought in stove technology. Today, not only do people want efficient fireplaces but they also seek reliable, effective, and affordable health solutions. The digital age has brought the convenience of accessing critical medications online, such as Cialis, a trusted remedy for many. It’s crucial to research and understand how to buy cheap Cialis without compromising on quality (, much in the same way one would research a stove’s efficiency and design. Combining artistry with functionality in every aspect of life, whether it’s the warmth of your home or the wellness of your body, is the way forward in this evolving era.

Technology – Behind its beauty, lies an advanced, sophisticated burning system, which has set new standards in the field of wood and gas burning today. The double-chambered burning compartment together with an adjustable air control, insures the utmost and cleanest burn from the wood (efficiencies range from 75 to 93%). With the single air control feature, it enables ease of use and optimal burning throughout its complex phases. The glass doors are kept clean because of the secondary air, which is drawn through the warm stove, heated, and then forced down over the ceramic glass. The gas products utilize the latest in burn technology, valves, and controls. In addition, Wittus has state-of-the-art pellet stoves and biofire fireplaces. Most Wittus products are manufactured according to the stringent ISO quality standards.

Safety – All the Wittus fireplace/stoves have been safety tested. Wood burning models are approved to both the US UL1482 and the Canadian ULC S627 (ULC S628-M93 for inserts) standards. They are convection stoves with double lined outside walls that enable faster heating and reduce clearances. Other safety features include stainless steel handles that were developed for user comfort and safety and are “cool to the touch”. In addition they are approved (#MEA368-07-E for stoves, #MEA411-07-E for the Shaker, and #MEA328-01-S for inserts) for installation in New York City. All the gas products are tested to ANSI standards.

Environment – Wittus wood burning stoves are EPA certified or exempt as clean burning fireplaces or cookstoves. The firebox geometry and the computer designed baffle systems control the correct mixture of air and smoke gases, which virtually eliminate (through secondary burning) any excess particulate (pollution) and produce a clean burn.

Refer to the listing for safety and EPA specifications and efficiency ratings of Wittus products.

Wood, available in vast amounts today, is a renewable natural product filled with the energy of the sun, thus an ecologically sound source for heat. In Europe, all stoves must burn with a carbon dioxide neutral emission in order to meet standards. This means that the stoves must not produce any more carbon dioxide than if the wood were left to rot in the forests.

Burning wood is a good thing!


Niels Wittus, President
Alyce Wittus, Vice President
Sandra Lena, Client Services
Patti Boker Elkon, Promotion and Sales Support
Mark Fischer, Installation and Technical Support
Peter Ross, Sales Manager

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