foculus grillfoculus grill
foculus grillfoculus grill
foculus grillfoculus grill


The Foculus outdoor wood burning grill is a work of art in both appearance and function. It is made in Italy by La Castellamonte, a manufacturer known for a tradition of ceramic making and quality products. Ancient clay working techniques are used to create beautiful, ecological products that are a welcome addition to every outdoor space. As a grill it is easy to use, as a garden sculpture it is spectacular.

Low smoke – easy to light and use. Equipped with a durable ceramic fire bowl designed to protect the chef from high heat and glare of the brazier and an easy to access cook top just the right height for all cooks. Suitable for cooking a variety of foods: meat, fish and vegetables.

Materials include:

  • 1200°C outdoor glazed stoneware, decorated and hand-printed in unique pieces
  • Stainless steel washable grill top and cooking ring grate
  • Metallic support in corten steel and chestnut wood top
  • Steel handles
  • Swiveling wheels.

The Foculus is available in 3 sizes:  Small 65 (26” in diameter and 39” high), Medium 80 (32” diameter x 39”h), and Large 100 (39” diameter x 39”h). An optional steel cover is available.

Produced in a variety of multicolored textures including shiny or matte gray, metallic or matte black, matte blue, shiny or matte red, and matte terracotta.

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