September/October Newsletter

Brick & Wonder – a Fantastic On-line Resource, Fireplace Shopping Guidelines, Current Events at Wittus, Field and Supply Market Show, Cubic wood stove, Domina cookstove, and Outdoor [...]

MSP Home & Design Article on Shaker Stove

Twin Cities Minneapolis and St. Paul Home & Design selected the Shaker Stove as one of the “Hygge” products. “C’mon baby, light our fire” Article written by [...]

Dwell Article on Foundry Keepers

Foundry Keepers describes a Brooklyn couple that found a former industrial building and transformed it into an eclectic country house. Located in Somers, NY. Included are the Wittus Shaker and [...]

July/August Newsletter

Hot Products for the Summer, Field and Supply Market Show, Maximize Fireplace Hygge, Cosmo and Shaker Stoves, Summer Specials – July/August_2019 Newsletter.pdf

Architectural Record Award Winner Hudson Woods

The Hudson Woods project won the Architectural Record award for Good Design Is Good Business 2019. AR’s 22nd annual program demonstrates how architecture can create bottom-line benefits. Find out [...]

Top Fireplace Design

European Home has selected the Shaker Stove as one of the Top Fireplace Design Trends of 2018.

May/June Newsletter

$$ Opportunity, Burn Your Wood Wisely, Clean Up, Firebird Grill, Twinfire Stove, Wood Holders – May/June_2019 Newsletter.pdf

March/April Newsletter

Springtime, Grilled Lamb Recipe Wet Wood a Waste, Cubic and Cosmo Wood Burning Stoves, Wood Bee Stocker – Mar/Apr_2019 Newsletter.pdf

January/February Newsletter

Wood Stove Design Challenge Winner, How to Light a Wood Burning Stove, Product Ordering Check List, Stack and Shaker Stoves, Fair – New Display in NYC –  Jan/Feb_2019 Newsletter.pdf

2018 Wood Stove Design Challenge

  The 2018 Wood Stove Design Challenge took place in Washington DC at the National Mall from Nov. 9 – 13, featuring 10 stoves in competition. The Wittus E-Stove was the proud winner in [...]

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