Wood-fired Cookstove Ranges



The elegant Atmosfera is the “bell of the ball”, and it measures 35” wide. This full service stove has a cook top, a full size oven, and a sizeable wood storage compartment at the base.

The Atmosfera is available in the following colors:

     Red          Blue         Black       White

    Ivory         Green    Stainless

Wood-fired Cook Stove Ranges Catalog

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Domino series

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                            Domino 8 Maxi

Domino 8 Maxi & Domino 6 Maxi
The stylish Domino is every homeowners dream and is available in two sizes, 8 Maxi & 6 Maxi.

The Domino 8 Maxi measures 31” wide and is a standard size cook stove. The Domino 6 Maxi  measures 24” wide and is a good size for kitchens that have smaller space requirements.

The whimsical Domina is a freestanding stove with distinct legs and designer appeal. It measures 24” wide, and can be used in a casual living room setting as a heat source with a cooking option or worked into a kitchen scenario as a cook stove.

The available colors are shown below in the Eco section.

Wood-fired Cook Stove Ranges Catalog

Manual     UL Label    See below for more info.

  Domino 6 Maxi



Eco series

        Eco 90

    Eco 80

Eco 90 & 80
The moderate Eco is ideal for those that want a stove that combines minimal style with high standards, and it is available in two sizes—Eco 90 & Eco 80. The Eco 90 measures the same as the Atmosfera, and the Eco 80 is the same size as the Domino 8 Maxi.

The available colors for the Eco, Domino series, and Domina are shown below:

     Red           Blue        Yellow        Black

     Ivory           White       Stainless 

Wood-fired Cook Stove Ranges Catalog

Manual    UL Label    See below for more info.

Domestic Pleasure and Cuisine Treasure
Designed and produced in Italy, the Domino 8 & 6 Maxi, Domina, Atmosfera, and Eco wood burning cooking ranges are contemporary stoves that mix old world style with state-of-the-art workmanship. These wood-fired oven ranges offer beauty and functionality in one neat package. The ancient art of cooking on a wood burning fire adds a unique smoky flavor that cannot be reproduced in a conventional oven, and as every chef knows it is the best way to draw out the best flavors in a recipe. These products are perfect for kitchens or areas that call for the addition of innovative cooking appliances. 

Eco-friendly Heat Producer
The de Manincor combustion system is highly efficient and utilizes the ECOPLUS® system, which improves combustion by way of pre-heated secondary airflow that passes over the flame and burns off any remaining gas. This process reduces CO (carbon monoxide) levels to a minimum, and the  second flame operates at maximum efficiency. These stoves boast cleaner smoke and lower levels of air pollution with a 70-75%+ efficiency, which contributes to reduced wood consumption.

The fire door is fitted with a panoramic window so all  the flames are visible, and the air-wash system keeps the glass clean. The large firebox produces high output with low maintenance and is equipped with an ash pan. Also included are a thermometer, a humidity regulating system, and a large baking rack. The vented sides on top boost natural convection.

Quality and Materials
All of the de Manincor products are manufactured with  top quality, heavy duty stainless steel. The cast iron hotplates on the top provide long-lasting and maximum conduction, even with high temperatures. The fireboxes are entirely covered with refractory tile bricks to boost performance and maintain high temperatures as well as optimize cleaner combustion and evenly store and distribute heat.

The flexible flue venting options include rear, left or right side opening. The stainless steel base has adjustable height and depth to adapt to built-in configurations. There are optional stove rails on the front and sides (example above). The doors for all the models of the cook stoves come in either black or stainless steel.

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Technical Specifications




Eco 90

Domino 8 Maxi
Eco 80

Domino 6 Maxi


Approved to UL1482 standards in the United States
and ULC S627 in Canada


70% +

70% +

75% +

Optimal Output











Oven Dim.-w/d/h







+Eco 80

Dom 8 Maxi only


Firebox Dim.-w/d/h







+Eco 80

Dom 8 Maxi only



A - 396lb/180kg

D - 429lb/195kg


E - 363lb/165kg

E - 341lb/155kg


Flue Pipe diameter

5"/13cm top vent, 6"/14cm back vent

Top Vent - distance from pipe center

7"/17cm to side (Eco 80 - 6"/15cm)
6"/15cm to back

Back Vent - distance from pipe center

A&E - 6"/16cm, D - 5"/13cm back vent to side
A - 5"/13cm, D - 6"/15cm side vent to back
28"/72cm height