Pellet Burning Stoves

NYSERDA is now offering Incentives to NYS Residents for the purchase of efficient pellet stoves, and all the Wittus/MCZ pellet stoves qualify. Two incentive options are available to homeowners (check out the NYSERDA website for more info):

·         $1,000 for the purchase of a new pellet stove with recycling of an existing wood or pellet stove, in a primary residence; or

·         Households with income less than 80% of county median may qualify for an incentive of $1,000 for the purchase of a new pellet stove in a primary residence and an additional $500 if an existing wood or pellet stove is recycled.

Wittus pellet stoves are manufactured by MCZ Group SpA in Italy. These are arguably the smartest, most fuel efficient, and easiest to use stoves on the market. They start up with the touch of a button and quietly bring your room to the desired temperature. Every model is thermostatically controlled and fully programmable.

Active System Intelligence
The state of the art “smart controls” or Active System, constantly fine tunes the stove’s combustion to maintain a perfect fire and optimal efficiency. The firepot and interior lining are self-cleaning and keep the stove looking bright and new. The smart control monitors all of the internal functions of the stove and prompts you when scheduled service is due.

On some models, heat can be ducted from the stove to other areas of the home. Our distributed air system can be ordered with beautiful glass wall registers with built-in reservoirs for humidity control and aroma therapy.

To learn more about these "smart" and versatile pellet stoves, you are welcome to watch this brief video*:

     *Note that some of the features shown may not be available in the US and Canadian markets.



Larger image                Toba video

                         Toba in white tile

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Toba Quick-Start Guide
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A new generation of fashionable heating, the Toba pellet stove is smart and sophisticated. Designed by MCZ in collaboration with EMO Design, a market focused Italian industrial design firm, the Toba is the select recipient of the 2011 prestigious International IF Product Design Award and leads the way as a modern heating product.

The user-friendly remote control has just a few buttons to control the heat output, room temperature, fan speeds and sleep timer. The remote reads the temperature from anywhere in the room. The Toba is unique to our line in that the heat is directed out from the top rather than the front.

The Toba is EPA certified and meets UL safety standards. It heats up to 34,000 BTUs; about 1,800 square feet of living space. Back vent only. The Toba measures 43” high x 20” wide x 20” deep and weighs 310 pounds.

Toba is available with hand-made heat retaining ceramic panels in red, white, black, or Bordeaux or in soapstone. For further specifications refer to the Pellet Catalog.


Ego and Star

    Ego in stainless steel          Star in mustard tile

Larger image in white

                        Ego in stainless steel
Larger image in bordueax       Larger image in soapstone

                         Star in mustard tile  

The Ego and Star stoves like the Toba are based on the powerful 34,000 BTU engine.

Both models are EPA certified and meet UL safety standards.

Fingertip LCD controls are discretely set into the top of the stove. The display shows the current operating status, time and temperature. It also provides a complete window into the state of each component of the stove. No doubt about it, this is a smart system!

Other features include:

  • tubeless high-performance heat exchanger

  • easy daily on/off programming

  • optional remote control

  • self-cleaning interior

  • easily removable ash drawer

  • large hopper capacity

  • 50 lb. hopper capacity

  • gentle flame patterns for enjoyable viewing

  • quiet operation to give you a stove that is a joy to own and operate.

The Ego and Star are back vent only. They measure 42” high x 20” wide x 21” deep and weigh about 310 pounds.

The Ego is available with sleek metal side panels in a choice of Bordeaux, white, black, silver or stainless steel.

The Star is available in 3 tile colors (Bordeaux, pepper white, or mustard) or in natural soapstone side panels. 

For further specifications refer to the Pellet Catalog.

Ego and Star Manual   
Ego and Star Quick-Start Guide

UL Label - Ego and Star  
EPA Label - Ego and Star
  Service Manual - for dealers


Club and Suite

     Club in white tile             Suite in bordeaux tile

Larger image in sand

                         Club in white tile

Larger image in mustard

                          Suite in bordeaux tile

The Club and Suite models are larger 40,000 BTU input stoves. Because of the extremely high efficiency of the system they will out-perform other stoves with similar input, saving fuel time and money.

The Club and Suite can also be ordered as 44,000 BTU Multi-air models with the ability to duct heat to other rooms and even to lower floors of the home. These stoves allow you to duct heat through walls to rooms up to 25’ away.

Patented Comfort Air® technology extracts the heat produced by the stove with unequalled efficiency.

Its unique two-fan system allows you to independently adjust the heat output to the room and to the rear duct system all from your remote!

Both models are EPA certified and meet UL safety standards.

The Club and Suite heat up to about 2,000 square feet.

Back vent only.

They measure 45” high x 23” wide x 22” deep and weigh about 350 pounds.

The Club is available with heat retaining ceramic panels in Bordeaux, white, or sand.

The Suite comes in an architectural ceramic pattern in Bordeaux, pepper white, or mustard.

For further specifications refer to the Pellet Catalog.

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Club and Suite Quick-Start Guide
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  UL Label - Club and Suite Multiair

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Larger image in silver

                          Musa in silver steel

                           Musa in black steel

The Musa has all of the same great features as the Suite and Club.

It comes in both, the standard 40,000 BTU version, or in the 44,000 BTU Multi-air model with the patented Comfort Air® distribution system.

Refer to more detailed descriptions above in the Club and Suite section.

The Musa models are EPA certified and meet UL safety standards and heat up to about 2,000 square feet.

Back vent only.

It measures 43” high x 20 wide x 22” deep and weighs 350 pounds.

The Musa, slender and understated, comes with steel side panels in Bordeaux, white, black, or silver. For further specifications refer to the Pellet Catalog.

Musa Manual   Musa Manuel-Français
Musa Quick-Start Guide
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