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April Sales - 4/1/16 through 4/30/16

Cubic 109 wood burning stove

The Cubic 109 brings about a new generation of wood burning fire. Minimal, yet sophisticated and contemporary, the unique Cubic series were designed by the Danish architect Anders Nørgaard. He stated: “I did not just want to make a stove, I wanted it to be something more than that”.

Higher fuel efficiency, higher combustion temperatures, and lower atmospheric emissions make burning wood a “green” thing and an environmentally responsible addition to your home.

The natural carbon dioxide neutral wood burning system gives off the same amount of CO2 as when trees are left to decay in the forest, a natural match for Mother Nature’s plan. In addition, the remarkable Cosmo utilizes the unique DuplicAir system which integrates the control of air supply needed for stove lighting and combustion.

There are 5 models of the Cubic stoves and all utilize the same highly efficient, fire box and are EPA certified and UL/ULC approved.

Cubic 109: sale price-$3,700;  reg. price-$4,870

                       Cubic 109 in black steel
QuickFire Fire Starters

The QuickFire Fire Starter packets facilitate both safe and efficient lighting – for wood burners and barbecue grills.

Releasing neither environmentally harmful substances nor smoke, these odorless QuickFire packets can be used both outdoors or indoors. Add 2 or 3 QuickFire fire starters to logs or charcoal and then light the packets. They are sealed, so no paraffin gets on hands or clothes.
A box contains 100 QuickFire packets.

sale price: Box of Quickfire Fire Starters - $12
reg. price: Box of Quickfire Fire Starters - $14


All Final Sales Items

Final Sale on these wood and gas and biofuel stoves, fireplaces, gelfire bowls, and fireplace tools
Quantities are limited, so call today to reserve your item.
Shipping costs vary based on weight and shipping location.

Wood Stoves and Fireplaces

Trendline 1 and Trendline 3

                           Trendline 1

                           Trendline 3

The Trendline 1 stands about 3' tall and 20” wide, so it can nestle in just about anywhere. There’s open storage space beneath for tools and such.  Available in black steel.

Standing an impressive 44 inches tall, the Trendline 3 is elegant and understated. Available in black steel with soapstone cladding.

They are a fine example of Danish craftsmanship and eye for detail: door hinges are invisible as is the chrome-finished ash drawer tucked within; the lower cabinet door conceals the storage space without tell-tale hinges and with a quiet, magnetic “latch”.

They feature the exclusive DuplicAir — a revolutionary air intake control system.

For further specifications refer to the Wood Stove Catalog.

Manual  Manuel-Français    EPA Label   UL Label


sale price: Trendline1 in black steel - $2,790
reg. price:  Trendline1 in black steel - $3,720

sale price: Trendline3 in soapstone - $4,350
reg. price: Trendline3 in soapstone - $6,690

Fineline 2

     Larger image

                             Fineline 2

Five hundred and thirty pounds of specially selected Finnish soapstone panels surround the highly efficient firebox of the Danish powerhouse Fineline 2. Standing four feet tall and 26” wide, this majestic stove has the grace of a thoroughbred and the heart of a workhorse.

The upper alcove can be used as either a food warmer or recessed nook for simmering potpourri. In black matte steel.

The Fineline 2 features the exclusive DuplicAir — a revolutionary air intake control system. For further specifications refer to the Wood Stove Catalog.

Manual  Manuel-Français    EPA Label   UL Label

sale price: Fineline2 in soapstone - $4,000
reg. price: Fineline2 in soapstone - $6,140

Pilar – Wood burning stove

 Pilar172 in black - Manual

The Pilar is a time-tested woodstove with an eye on today’s home fashion tastes. Tall, slim, and a round shape with a rotating base, which can be turned through 70˚, 160˚ and 360˚.

Vesta Award winner, the Pilar is surprisingly compact with an 18" (46cm) diameter and just over 67inches (172cm) tall – and it provides welcoming warmth in the home. Heats up to 23kBTU (7kW) or an area of  1,100 sq. ft (100sq. m). A drawer for the wood storage area is also a nice touch.

The rounded glass doors provide a unique view of the fire. Perfect as a room divider. 76% efficient.

sale price: $5,830
regular price: $8,970


                 Etna - Specs  Manual  EPA Report

With an upward flourish, the impressive Etna commands attention with its curvaceous, organic architecture flanked by wings of soaring sculptural tiles. These tiles are manufactured using a highly advanced manufacturing process and are designed to retain and then slowly release heat into the room.

It measures 58” high x 39” wide x 23” deep and weighs about 850 pounds. Etna has a huge 19” x 15½” fire window that glides effortlessly up and down via a silent counterweight system. A push-button finger latch releases the door outward for ease of cleaning.

A slide out storage drawer below to house wood, tools, kindling. High-grade steel housing in gray. Ten tile color choices. The Etna heats up to 38,000 BTUs; 1,900 square feet. Top or back vented. Efficiency tested at 78%.

For further specifications refer to the Wood Fireplace Catalog.

sale price for Cream color only: $5,150
regular price: $7,930

Cream color tile sample

Gas Fireplace

Spark Fire Direct Vent – 3-foot Ribbon fireplace

Spark Fire - 3-foot Ribbon

The Spark Fire - 3-foot ribbon fireplace is a modern fire with  clean, uncluttered lines framing a pure ribbon of fire. A fixed ceramic glass window complements its sleek dimensions. The glass viewing area is 36" wide x 16" high, and the overall dimensions are 46" wide x 36" high x 22.5" deep.

Vents through the roof or exterior wall, and is up to 80% efficient. The heating capacity enhanced with the integrated fan. Ideal for contemporary living spaces. Natural gas.     Manual   Specs

sale price: $3,750
regular price: $4,750

Biofuel Fireplace

Sacramento Biofire fireplace

  Sacramento in Teak -  Larger image

The Sacramento is available in teak stained solid wood with a marble diamond-shaped accent. 

It comes with a stainless steel lighting tool and three ceramic simulated-wood logs. The flames are adjustable and housed in a polished high-grade stainless steel firebox that directs the heat into the room.

Biofire Fireplaces are 100% efficient because the heat doesn’t escape through a chimney. They produce up to 20,000 BTUs.

Great for apartments or condos, the Sacramento weighs about 160 lbs and can be easily moved. The Sacramento is 42” high x 41” wide x 17” deep.

sale price: $490
regular price: $1,340

Gelfire Bowls and Fireplace Tools

Ceramic Gelfire Bowls

The Gelfire Bowls are winners of the 2006 Gold ADEX Award for design and innovation. Veritable feasts of fire and light, Gelfire Bowls add drama to a dining table, welcoming warmth to an entrance way, and excitement as you share evening cocktails al fresco.


Gelfire Bowls are yet another expression of the Wittus passion to combine the concept of “Fire by Design” with gracious American living. Now you can enjoy the romance and decorating magic of open fires indoors and out.


The ceramic Gelfire Bowls are beautifully crafted of high-fired textured ceramic and come in a choice of Black or Terracotta. They measure 6-1/2”h x 10” in diameter and weigh 12 lbs. The burn time is approximately 3 hours on one 13-oz. filling.


sale price: $190
regular price: $220

Fireplace Tools

Avant Poker Tool

The Avant stove/fireplace poker is a great tool and easy to use to support making your fire better.


It is made in gray steel with a stainless steel handle and measures 21” long and 2 1/2” in depth. The Avant weighs less than a pound!


sale price: $32
regular price: $48

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