Wood Inserts and Built-in Zero-clearance Fireplaces

H530 Insert

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                           H530 in Gray         

The H530 is simple and stylish. Easily installed into an existing masonry fireplace, it will transform an inefficient open hearth into a productive, radiant heat source. The result is higher efficiency and control and reduced fuel consumption. 

It heats up to 30,000 BTUs or an area about 1,300 square feet. The sophisticated landscape shape measures 28” wide by 21” high and 18" deep and is the ideal size wood burning insert. Burns up to 24" logs.

Available in matte black or gray steel with the option of a customized trim kit to fit your decorating needs.  

The H530 is EPA certified and safety tested to UL 1482 standards in the U.S. and ULC S627 in Canada. For further specifications refer to the H530 Catalog.    

Manual    EPA Label   UL Label

H530 in Black


Optifire Built-in Zero-clearance Fireplace

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                  Optifire (with flat door)

                  Optifire (with curved door)                   

The Optifire zero-clearance built-in  fireplace is powerful with clean lines. This fireplace is a perfect match for use in new construction of contemporary and streamlined interiors. 

A push for the environment, the Optifire has over 70% fuel efficiency, higher combustion temperatures, and lower atmospheric emissions.

Powerfully heating up to 50,000 BTUs, it has an automatic thermostat that can be used for regulating heat output. An optional 260-cfm variable speed fan can be used to circulate warm air throughout the room.

The Optifire is available either with a sleek “flat screen” door or a convex style curved door that broadens your viewing area (this is especially nice in a corner installation).

Measuring 34” wide by 28” high and 19” deep and including a narrow frame in a rich charcoal gray, the Optifire is sleekly designed with all technical components camouflaged for an uninhibited view of the fire.

You can also add on up to four venting channels to create a wood-fueled central heating system. 

The Optifire is safety tested to UL 127 standards in the U.S. and ULC S6610-M87 in Canada.

For further specifications refer to the Optifire Catalog.

Specs   Manual   

 Optifire (with flat door)

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